Tony, Watford


Just wanted to provide you with my experience this week of Russ, Gareth, Scott and the rest of the crowd at Revolution.

Having seen the great feedback on these guys and also the way they helped another forum member stranded abroad, I was impressed by the care and profesionalism of the team. When Russ put an offer of discounting work in September, I thought it was definitely worth driving my car the 170 miles up to see these guys and experience their work first hand. I’m glad to report that I am happy that I did.

On Monday of this week I drove up to see them, the whole team made me feel welcome and were happy to spend time showing me around and answering any questions I had, nothing was too much trouble. My car was worked on all of the day and all was as promised. Based on that experience, I booked myself in for some additional items in 2 weeks time, which I had originally decided to put off until next year.

However, Tuesday evening, I experienced a minor problem with the gearbox and had a few questions and concerns, Russ and Gareth were online until 11pm providing support and advice to ensure that I was happy and even changed my scheduled return to this Friday, without any fuss or hesitiation in order to help me out and rectify the issue.

Having just returned, the work was carried out without hassle and it was never any trouble for the guys to reach a fix.

To all at Revolution, congratulations on exceptional customer service, honesty and friendliness, please continue to focus on these and they will bring you success. These qualities are regrettably missing in many parts of our society today and I’m thankful that it’s available by the bucket load in Yorkshire. I for one will be travelling the 170 miles again for my next service or until I can convince them to open up a branch further south.

Thanks again

Tony – Watford - 07/09/2012