Trevor, Oldham


Two days ago on Saturday evening, I took my car to fuel up for the coming week.

On the way to the garage it suddenly sounded different, I could hear a whine as I went up the revs and a definite small knocking on the overrun.Never done this before and I am very mechanically sympathetic, so knew this to be a new noise.

Could hear it much clearer on getting out of the car. Got it home and rang Russell at Revolution, this at 5.30pm on a Saturday!

He got Gareth to ring me back 10 mins later and he had a listen over the phone.
Gareth talked me through getting the belt off so I could spin all the pulleys and tensioners to see if it gave a clue.

Only noise was from the alternator. I put the belt back on , wrongly it turned out! Gave Russell a ring back, 6.30 and he said he would meet me at the garage on Sunday to drop my car off and he could loan me a courtesy car.!

Good as his word, met up Sunday, dropped mine off and set off home in the loan car.
They have today replaced the alternator after confirming the original diagnosis and I now have my car back as good as new.

Made up with the service from Russell, Gareth and Scott at Revolution, above and beyond the call of duty as far as I am concerned.

Can’t recommend them enough.
Thanks Russ and co.