Revolution Porsche Pre-Purchase Inspections


Respected, renowned and independent, Revolution Porsche specialise in looking after Porsche cars of any age and model across the UK.

A full Pre-Purchase Inspection at the Revolution Porsche workshop will give you peace of mind that the used Porsche you are considering buying is in good condition.

Our team of experienced Porsche technicians are familiar with the full range of Porsche models and all the common problems, so are ideally placed to help you avoid large repair bills shortly after purchasing the car.

Choose Revolution Porsche for a Pre-Purchase Inspection and the vehicle will undergo full visual and diagnostic checks - including Rev Ranges, if necessary for the model - to identify any existing or developing issues. From standard wear and tear items that will soon need replacing to imminent major failures, our technicians will put you in the picture.

You can also add a borescope inspection to the package for an additional cost, if you are concerned about damaged cylinders.

Our specialists will then use the findings to compile a comprehensive car condition report, which will allow you to make an informed decision about whether to go ahead with the purchase, negotiate the price to reflect any work that needs doing or to walk away from the deal.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection at Revolution Porsche costs £199 +VAT, with the additional reassurance of a borescope inspection available for a further £99 +VAT.

***Please note that Pre-Purchase Inspections are only available at the Revolution Porsche workshop, so the owner and purchaser will need to arrange for the car to be brought to us.***

Call us on 0113 4686020 or contact us via the website to find out more about Pre-Purchase Inspections or to book a car in.