Porsche engine rebuilds at Revolution Porsche


Revolution Porsche’s team of specialist technicians have extensive experience in stripping and rebuilding Porsche engines, helping our customers to keep their cars on the road and maintain their value.

An engine rebuild is one of the most costly maintenance or repair jobs that you may encounter as a Porsche owner, so you need to be certain you use experts who have access to the right tools to undertake the work.

Our team have completed rebuilds on a variety of air-cooled and water-cooled Porsche engines, ranging from basic top-end rebuilds to custom builds to meet unique customer requirements.

Revolution Porsche offer a full engine rebuild service
Revolution Porsche offer a full engine rebuild service

In many cases, the work was necessary because of an engine failure or as a preventative measure to avoid an imminent major problem. However, we’ve also worked on engines for Porsche owners who were looking for additional performance on the track or who wanted the engine reconditioning to keep an ageing classic in top shape.

Stripping down, repairing and rebuilding an engine is the kind of big job our specialist technicians love to get stuck into but, as we pride ourselves on helping drivers to manage the cost of Porsche ownership, we only recommend having the work done if it is genuinely the best option for your car.

Each engine rebuild is different and the amount of labour and types of parts required can vary greatly, so we do not offer pre-determined package prices. Jobs are priced individually depending on exactly what is required to return your Porsche to top condition.

We’ll keep you informed of progress every step of the way and, if the engine is being stripped down for fault finding, let you know what we find and what the options and costs are to rectify the problem.

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