Porsche air conditioning servicing and repairs


Porsche aircon servicing and repairs

Revolution Porsche have the specialist equipment and expertise required to provide Porsche air conditioning servicing, along with fault-finding and repair work.

A fully-functioning air conditioning system can make a huge difference to your enjoyment of your Porsche, particularly during the summer, so it is well worth having it properly maintained.

As the level of gas in your Porsche’s aircon goes down (whether it’s due to natural leakage or a problem), the efficiency and effectiveness of the system declines. If the level falls low enough it will lead to the total loss of in-cabin cooling and may also result in the failure of some system components.

Letting Revolution’s technicians undertake a full air conditioning service every 12 or 24 months will protect your Porsche against such problems.

An air conditioning service includes:

  • Vacuuming the system to remove moisture
  • A leak detection test using UV dye
  • The gas being refilled to the correct level for the most efficient performance
  • Oil top-up, if required
  • An anti-bacterial treatment to remove odours from the system and cabin

An air conditioning service at Revolution Porsche costs £80 + VAT.

If your Porsche’s air conditioning system is not functioning properly, we can also offer a full fault-finding service and undertake the necessary repairs.

Common reasons for aircon failure include low gas, perforated hoses/pipes and corroded condensers. All those problems can be solved, but costs for the repairs vary depending on the precise issue and the model of your Porsche.

Contact us to book in your Porsche for an air conditioning service or to enquire about aircon repairs.