Susan Walker


Took my Cayman to Porsche in Leeds, for a recall. They asked me if I wanted a heath check and I said yes. When they had finished with the car, they advised me that the turbo actuator had seized and I was looking at 3K to fit a new turbo. I was astounded and very upset (I admit, I did cry). I couldn't understand how a car with only 21K on the clock could have such a major fault. They couldn't really answer this. After looking on forums and being told that this is a known fault on the car and that a simple fix can be made, by freeing it up with lubrication. I spoke to Russ at Revolution Porsche and he advised this was correct and booked my car in the following day. True to their word, they fixed my car and she is all good to go. Cost me 150.00 big difference from 3K. Thanks guys, you are 👏 Susan