james Catlow


ive owned my 996GT2 for 7 years never felt Like the 610bhp uprated engine etc. Ive had numerous so called Porsche engineers look at it. I was recommended Revolution by my mate. Took it over there left it with Dan and his team. with one Test Drive Dan had an idea what the issue was. Sure enough after doing a smoke test Identified Intake air leak after the MAP sensor. I also had the car Major Serviced and Suspension issues sorted out Dan set the car up near Neutral. I went for a test drive with Dan. What a transformation the car is so linear in Power Delivery .its as linear as my 9e 991 Turbo S stage 3 760bhp. The car is spot on. Dan has loads of experience with 996 GT2 in fact is a Porsche Guru. Enthusiastic lives and breaths Porsche. Thanks to all at Revolution Porsche for sorting out my GT2 and for caring for the car when i was away until i was able to return to UK. Thank Sharon for keeping me updated on the work progress .