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You might have read my ‘Breakdown’ post. Thought it might be easier to start a new topic in that the diagnosis (cracked cyclinder liner or head) is taking me to a pretty grim set of choices I’d appreciate any advice out there.

It’s going to cost me £800 or so to have the engine taken out and stripped sufficiently to diagnose the exact problem – but the likelihood is a cracked cylinder liner.

The advice will then probably be to replace at least three of these liners (would seem silly just to replace the single offender when this is a known issue on my particular VIN range). Imagine what it would feel like if it happened again…

Alternatives: source a 3.2S replacement engine. Anyone got any advice on this? Where do you start?!

Or sell the car for spares and repairs, put it down to experience and move on.

Advice welcome…

The forum member made a few calls including one to Revolution Porsche and decided to have the car recovered from Truro in Cornwall to us in Brighouse, after a few days here was the result :-

Well, trailering it to Revolution has saved me a fortune.

The local garage misdiagnosed this horribly – turns out it was an airlock after all.

Coolant system has been bled, refilled and tested for a few days with no loss. Couple of other small jobs done whilst in Revolution’s care. (Including re-fitting the short shifter that had originally been put in upside down. It wasn’t me – honestly – but I’m embarrassed that I hadn’t noticed!)

And the post after the delighted member had collected his car :-
Got back at midnight after the 363-mile drive home from Revolution. Temperature gauge didn’t flinch (even during some tailbacks on the M62) and zero coolant loss on checking this morning.

As well as bleeding and refilling the coolant system, they replaced a faulty cooling fan and a coolant pipe that was on its way out.

Impressive set-up at Revolution: super-keen pricing, great comms, personal service – brilliant. Well worth travelling to the other end of the country for.

So, car back on road; smile back on face.

Thanks everyone for the advice and support.

Geoff – Truro, Cornwall 09/08/13