Why we recommend Bosch batteries for Porsches

Revolution Porsche recommend Bosch batteries.
Revolution Porsche recommend Bosch batteries.

We often see cars coming into our workshop with slow cranking problems or recovered in with no power what so ever – how many of you have had the problem where you cannot gain entry to the battery to get the car started? When we gain access to the battery compartment it’s common to find a cheap battery that was generally bought from a well known high street part retailer for little more than £50 or £60.

We find that these suppliers advise that their computer system says the battery is correct for that model but what they often fail to understand is that it all depends on the spec of the car. Some cars of the same model require a stronger battery due to the optional extras that the car was built with. This is an important factor when replacing your battery and buying cheap often does mean buying twice!

Why not use Revolution Porsche to supply and fit you a new battery, fitting is FREE OF CHARGE and we also clear all faults and reset the electric windows, something that is often not done by others! This replacement battery service will usually be less than £100 and you know that it will be done using the correct procedure by people who know Porsche vehicles.

We have always stood by the Bosch brand and here are reasons why we recommend them.

The PowerFrame technology: More power right from the start.
The PowerFrame technology: More power right from the start.

PowerFrame Grid

  • Provides optimised current paths
  • Higher cranking/starting power
  • Longer battery life
  • Minimal corrosion
  • Comparison: Competitors with expanded grids have a longer current path. Bosch only use this grid on negative plates 

The grid is of crucial importance to the power and reliability of a battery. It is responsible for an optimum current flow.

The stamped PowerFrame-grid offers the following advantages over conventional types:

A rigid grid frame that prevents grid growth and corrosion at the edges and thus damage to the separator or short circuits caused by the grid making contact with the negative plate.

A Stamped grid which is a firm, precision structure ensures excellent adhesion of the active material to the grid and permits low-resistance, rapid charging and discharging of the battery. In contrast to conventional grids, there is no brittleness arising from mechanical deformation during the production process.

Optimum grid structure :- more lead is applied to the areas subject to a higher load: The grid is more hard wearing and resistant to corrosion.

Grid designed for optimum flow :- With the new concept, the grid bars are connected directly to the plate link. The low flow resistance ensures optimum conductivity and the fastest possible supply of power to the electrical load.

The Labyrinth Lid

  • Prevents acid vapour leaking
  • Extends battery service life

So there you have it, these are the reasons we have never have any issues with the Bosch batteries we fit. We hope you enjoyed the read and that there is enough information to persuade you to fit a Bosch battery to your Porsche!