Revolution Porsche Featured Car: Porsche 930T


We were thrilled when a customer brought a beautiful black Porsche 930 Turbo they had recently purchased into our Brighouse workshop, although it needed quite a lot of care and attention to restore it to its former glory.

The 930T was manufactured from 1975 to 1989, and is renowned for both its looks and what for the time was sensational performance.

The original incarnation did 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds and had a top speed of 153mph, while by 1984 there was a 330bhp model that accelerated to 60mph in just 4.6 seconds and was capable of reaching 173mph. To put that in context, the fastest production car in 1984 was the Ferrari 288 GTO at 188mph.

While that Ferrari typically fetches seven figures at classic car sales, you can pick up a Porsche 930 Turbo for a much more affordable price at an auction – particularly if you are happy to take on a restoration project.

Our customer bought their 930T at auction and then brought it along to the Revolution Porsche workshop in Brighouse for an inspection and service. Our technicians found quite a list of problems, including and in no particular order:

  • Air conditioning compressor seized – no belt
  • Battery insecure – no clamp
  • Non-approved tyres
  • Rear seat strap retainer broken (O/S)
  • Oil cooler connector pipes perished
  • Lower oil tank pipe leaking
  • Exhaust blowing between heat exchangers
  • Both heater valves seized and cables broken
  • Rear ARB D bushes worn
  • Rear drop links perished
  • N/S/F boot floor rotted through
  • Auxiliary air pipes not connected
  • Washer tank drain valve broken off
  • Brake fluid black and low
  • Clutch adjustment at full
  • O/S/R sill damaged and oil pipes
  • Oil pipes to thermo housing corroded
  • N/S/F sill damaged
  • Vacuum piping blocked off for distributor
  • Breather pipes (oil) at rear not connected
  • Rear caliper plates lifted – pads possibly seized
  • Heat exchanger – retaining bolts excess corrosion
  • Front pad sensor not connected
  • Fuel pump mountings broken
  • Fuel pump lines corroded
  • Air pipe rotted through
  • Number plate lights loose
  • Unable to adjust alternator belt tensioner
  • O/S/F lower control arm bent
  • Front control arm bushes worn
  • O/S/F side light inoperative
  • Headlight washers inoperative
  • Rear wiper inoperative
  • Both electric wing mirrors inoperative
  • Blowers inoperative
  • N/S/R light lens broken
  • O/S number plate light broken
  • Rear landing panel rubber missing
  • O/S outer door handle sticking

The scale of the work involved didn’t faze us and we were happy to be involved in restoring the 930T.

Among the jobs carried out by our fully-trained Porsche technicians were:

  • New clutch, flywheel and clutch cable
  • New alternator
  • Fitted A/C compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator, fresh air motor, pressure switch, a hose and re-gassed (R12 system)
  • Suspension work, including: wishbone, ball joint, drop links, D bushes and a 4-wheel alignment
  • New rear brake pads, caliper plates and front pad wear sensors
  • Lots of work on the exhaust system, including heat exchangers and crossover pipes
  • Heater boxes
  • Repaired various oil leaks and replaced some oil hoses
  • Replaced the check valve
  • Replaced the wheels with customer supplied Fuchs wheels
  • Replaced N/S/R light lens cover
  • Replaced the indicator and wiper column switches
  • Sorted various electrical/wiring issues
  • Major service
  • Paint correction detail

The end result was a Porsche 930T restored so that its performance matches its looks and one very satisfied owner.