Revolution Porsche Combine 80 Years Of Experience At Birstall Workshop


Revolution Porsche are delighted to announce that we are consolidating our two branches into a single site at Birstall, which will be one of the best-equipped independent Porsche specialists in the UK.

Revolution Porsche
Revolution Porsche's Birstall Workshop

The move to merge our Brighouse operation with our Birstall workshop will have a number of benefits for our valued customers, not least that it brings together under one roof a team of specialist technicians with combined experience of more than 80 years working on Porsches.

Between them, they have worked across the entire Porsche range from air-cooled classics to the latest models and there are very few issues that they have not encountered and do not know how to fix. The fault-finding and servicing expertise of the team at Birstall will be second to none.

The site will also become one of the most extensively kitted out specialist independent Porsche workshops in the country. With the equipment from our two current branches combined, we will have nine vehicle lifts, a four-wheel alignment system and a high-quality body shop, allowing us to handle the full range of Porsche servicing, repair, upgrade and refurbishment requirements.

There will be some benefits for us as well, including improved in-house training as our most experienced technicians share their knowledge with the whole team on a day-to-day basis, and smoother running of our parts operation. This will in turn improve our already high level of customer service.

Revolution Porsche Director Russ Stanley said: “The move to set up a centre of excellence in Birstall is an exciting development for us and moves us a step closer to our goal of being the UK’s leading independent Porsche specialist.

“The workshop facilities will be exceptional and, combined with the unrivalled Porsche knowledge and experience of our team, this will help us to continue to deliver outstanding customer service at excellent value for money prices.”

Our Birstall workshop is one of the best equipped in the UK.
Our Birstall workshop is one of the best equipped in the UK.

Goodbye to Brighouse

We greatly appreciate and value our loyal customers who helped us to make Revolution Porsche Brighouse such a success and hope you will stay with us when we move to Birstall.

Russ added: “We’ve loved our time in Brighouse, building the business and a fantastic customer base from across Britain from scratch into the great operation we have today.

“We hope that Porsche owners who have enjoyed the quality of our work and customer service in Brighouse over the last eight years will continue to trust us with their cars when we move to Birstall.

“If any of our existing customers from the Brighouse and Huddersfield area have a problem getting their cars to us at Birstall, they simply need to call us and we’ll see what we can do to help make things easier.”

Revolution Porsche’s Birstall site is located on Leeds Road, a few minutes from Junction 27 of the M62. We look forward to seeing you there!