Porsche Restomods and Restorations - from the sublime to the attainable


Porsche is rightly revered across the world as a prime example of sticking to their brand values.

Let’s be honest, there aren’t many modern consumer brands that could claim to have retained their early 1960s heritage and DNA to the same extent as Porsche with it’s 911 model.

As one of the best known brands on the planet, and with such a passionate (and affluent) following, it’s inevitable that third parties have got in on the act to feed the desires of those wanting something a little different to what originally dropped off the production line in Stuttgart.

These offerings cover a wide array of tastes, from retro rally inspired off roaders (we mean you, Kelly Moss with your Willy Safari 911 and you, Luftauto), to the top end of the Porsche Restomod desirability-ometer, Singer Vehicle Design. The bespoke builds done by the Rob Dickinson-led Singer, whose mix of tasteful massaging and updating of the curves, features, and tech are truly breathtaking, and universally lauded by the cream of the motoring press.

We’d all be on the phone to Singer if our numbers came up, of course, but if you have a desire for something special within a more realistic budget, what’s available?

Here at Revolution Porsche, with our extensive experience of working on all models of Porsche vehicles, we’re ideally placed to pull together a project that meets your requirements… and your budget.

Classic Porsche Engine Refurb
Classic Porsche Engine Refurb

A typical ‘backdate’ or restomod project might mean taking a taking a 993 or 964 era 911, and applying body and styling changes to such a degree that even an aficionado might mistake it for a 60’s or 70’s 911 Classic. All with the driveability and reliability of a later model. Power steering, modern brakes and contemporary creature comforts, make this a more realistic option as a ‘daily driver’, and running costs are much more palatable. Upgrades are available, of course, for suspension, brakes and anything else you can think of.

Porsche Restoration Suspension Updates
Porsche Restoration Suspension Updates

Budgets can be much more attainable than you might think, so don’t worry about asking. Just hop onto the form here and give us a few details.

Want the ‘Resto’ without the ‘Mod’?

We also cover all aspects of restoration back to standard specifications, whether it’s mechanical, bodywork, electrical or trim. We can achieve a high-quality finish, to meet your budget, across all the Porsche ranges. It’s unlikely we’ll be restoring any Cayennes anytime soon, but if you want your 911 Classic or 996 bringing back to life, or even a refresh brought to a classic Boxster, drop us a line.