My key fob isn’t working


If you find that the red light on the key fob isn’t flashing at all – the obvious thing to do first is to replace the battery – they take the 3V Lithium CR 2032 type shown here.

Should this not fix the problem you may find that with constantly pushing harder and harder on the button, when the battery was getting low (don’t deny that you thought it would work, we all do it), has caused the switch to detach from the circuit board. It may be possible to solder this back on – it’s very small and fiddly but it’s a DIY job. If you are struggling or don’t fancy tackling this yourself, by all means bring it down to us and we will do it for you. It can be awkward fitting the keyfob case back together as the seal needs seating correctly.

If the light is flashing slower than normal, then this means it has lost synchronisation with the vehicle and more often than not, requires replacing. A new keyfob is around £110 + VAT and a small labour charge is required to code it to the vehicle for you.