David McRitchie


Let’s be honest most of us are living a bit of dream buying a 911 and if you’ve not got the means of buying new from an OPC then you’re probably quite interested in maintenance costs. Let’s also be honest that when things go wrong they can be expensive, and when you’ve dropped a significant chunk on the purchase that can be a stressful time. But more important than pure economics is trust (a feeling you don’t often get walking in to some garages) so building a relationship with people that don’t simply want to extract as much money from you as possible has been extremely refreshing and reassuring. Revolution got me through some big bills, discounting where they could, and fitting the work in and around my travel times. In addition, Russ went above and beyond in helping me with paper work for a dealership dispute and has always been on hand responding to queries and questions any time of the day/night. I’ve since moved my car on but I’m sure the new owner will continue the relationship with Revolution and benefit from the fine work they’ve done on the car and their excellent support (moral & technical). Who knows, I may even buy back in when the time is right (when nappy bills reduce) and I won’t be going anywhere else for the maintenance.