Anthony, Tyne and Wear


Hi all, would just like to advise you all of the excellent service I have recently received from Russell and co at Revolution Porsche.

To condense a very long story, I took my car to Porsche Newcastle believing the car was suffering from the dreaded “piston slap”. Porsche Newcastle could not investigate the problem any further without taking the engine out!!!! (although they did do a service which is another issue to be resolved)

I spoke to Russell at Revolution and decided to transport the car from Newcastle to Leeds, within a day, it was diagnosed as a Tappet and potential camshaft issue. After giving the go ahead the problem (with the engine in) was confirmed and all the tappets and both camshafts needed replacing. Not the best news but better than a potential engine rebuild :-) . The car now runs fantastic and its down to the good work from Russ and his crew.

I have a been dealing with Porsche Newcastle for over 10 years and after my recent encounters with them. I will never visit the place again and I am very prepared to travel because I am confident that I will receive a far higher level of care from.

Anthony – Tyne and Wear - 08/01/2013