Zunsport stainless steel grilles from Revolution Porsche


Revolution Porsche are delighted to announce that we are now an authorised reseller for Zunsport, the specialist stainless steel car grille company.

The Zunsport range of grilles have proved popular with Porsche owners due to their stylish appearance, while we are happy to recommend them to our customers because of the practical benefits they offer.

The grilles are made from high-quality stainless steel wire mesh and, depending on which model you own, can replace the original front grille and/or be fitted to the front air intakes, the side vents and rear bumper.

They provide an excellent level of protection from one of the most common problems we encounter at our Brighouse workshop – damaged or corroded coolant radiators, heat exchangers and air-conditioning condensers that need to be replaced. Most examples of this are caused by stone chips or leaves and dirt being sucked in through the air intakes and then being left to rot around expensive components, accelerating the corrosion process.

Zunsport grilles are designed to protect you Porsche, as well as enhance its appearance.

Fitting Zunsport grilles is a simple and hugely effective way of avoiding this costly issue on your Porsche, as the mesh prevents leaves getting into the air intakes and acts to deflect stones and other debris thrown up from the road.

As grilles have to cope with stones, they need to be hardwearing. Zunsport are so confident in the durability of the stainless steel wire mesh they use, they guarantee their grilles for the life of your car.

We can provide you with stylish Zunsport grilles with either a silver or black finish on a supply-only or supply-and-fit basis for the following models:

(Prices quoted are for front outer grille sets supply-only and will vary depending on the exact model of your Porsche and your chosen finish)

  • Boxster 986 – from £96.44
  • Boxster 987.1 – from £96.44
  • Boxster 987.2 – from £113.10
  • Boxster 981 – from £190.32

  • Cayman 987.1 – from £118.15
  • Cayman 987.2 – from £118.15
  • Cayman 981 – from £190.32

  • Cayenne Gen 1 – from £151.16

  • 996 – from £120.03
  • 996 Turbo – from £119.93
  • 996 GT3 – from £151.35

  • 997 – from £129.07
  • 997.2 – from £118.15
  • 997 Turbo – from £119.93
  • 997 GT3 – from £99.14

  • 991 – from £190.32
  • 991 Turbo – from £204.81
  • 991 GTS – from £206.35

Zunsport designed the grilles to be simple to install, but if you would prefer a Revolution Porsche technician to fit them, we can do it from as little as £25+VAT, depending on the number of grilles and the model of your Porsche.

Contact us on 01484 717342 or via the website for a quote or more information about Zunsport grilles for your Porsche.