What makes the Porsche Premium Protection Plan a good investment?


There aren’t many things that can ruin the experience of Porsche ownership, but a sizeable and unexpected repair bill is certainly one of them. That’s why we came up with the Revolution Porsche Premium Protection Plan (PPP), a package which helps to remove the worry of substantial garage bills.

Working out how much your Porsche will cost to run is a difficult task. You can budget for routine servicing, fuel and insurance easily enough, but what about repairs?

Modern Porsches are brilliantly made and generally reliable, but when something major goes wrong with the engine repairs can be very expensive. Porsches are technically complex and parts are often only a relatively small proportion of the cost, with specialist technicians racking up the hours to restore your car’s full performance.

The PPP is specifically designed to remove the uncertainty of labour charges by providing cover for our technicians’ hourly rate, helping to minimise the size of any repair bills you had not budgeted for.

How does it work?

Our PPP is a pay-monthly plan that funds:

  • The cost of labour, parts and materials required for all routine servicing for your Porsche, including spark plugs, drive belts, air, oil, pollen and fuel filters, brake fluid and oil.
  • The cost of your Porsche’s annual MOT.
  • Any labour costs related to repairs undertaken during the cover period (only payment for actual parts required). As well as mechanical failures, this part of the PPP also includes labour charges for the replacement of wear and tear items.
  • Gas required for a repair of the air conditioning.

In effect, the monthly payment covers everything apart from the cost of replacement parts for failed or worn components. All labour charges are taken care of, even for the replacement of items such as the clutch and brake pads / discs.

Why choose the Plan over an aftermarket warranty?

The Revolution Porsche team are committed to helping to make running a Porsche more affordable for owners and that is reflected in the PPP.

It offers a number of key benefits over a standard insurance-backed aftermarket warranty, which could help to save you time and money, and will ensure all work is completed to the highest possible standard.

  1. The PPP includes the labour costs associated with replacing wear and tear items, such as brakes, clutches and suspensions. Almost all warranty policies exclude such items.
  2. Known issues, including the IMS bearing and RMS, are included in the PPP; again you will only have to pay for the parts involved in repairs as the labour element is covered in your monthly payment. Many warranties exclude such items.
  3. All work under the PPP is carried out by Revolution Porsche’s team of specialist technicians. Whereas warranty companies may require you to have work done at general garages by mechanics who rarely work on Porsches, we will ensure repairs to your car are completed by experts at our Brighouse or Birstall workshops.
  4. No warranty engineer authorisation is required under the PPP, so there are no frustrating delays waiting for approval before work can commence. The end result is that your Porsche is back on the road more quickly.
  5. If your car is a Porsche it is eligible for the full PPP, however old it is and however many miles it has on the clock. While most third-party warranty companies offer lower levels of cover for older or high-mileage vehicles, we recognise that Porsches are exceptional cars that can run for many years if properly maintained so are happy to include ageing models on the full Plan.
  6. Car warranty policies are notorious for unclear wording about exclusions, which can mean a nasty surprise when you try to claim only to discover that work to replace ‘failing’ or ‘worn out’ parts is not covered. The PPP’s exclusions are clearly set out, so you can make an informed decision about whether the Plan is right for your car.
  7. If your Porsche doesn’t need any repair work during the PPP term, the fact that it includes your service and MOT means that you still get something for your money.

How do you sign up for the Revolution Porsche Premium Protection Plan?

To take advantage of the outstanding level of workmanship and extensive servicing and repair cover offered by the PPP, call us on 01484 717342 or contact us via the website.

Protection for your car and peace of mind for you via the Revolution Porsche Premium Protection Plan costs from £85+VAT a month.