Revolution Porsche Reviews and Customer Feedback


Revolution Porsche Reviews and Customer Feedback

Hey Russ & crew,

 Just got back from a great drive home. (couldn’t help but take the long route)
Firstly a massive thanks, I love the way you guys do business.
  • Clutch feels great, what feels even better is to push on without the IMS worry in the back of your mind.
  • Air con blowing ice cold, arrived without the usual sweaty back!
  • Noticeably better feel, progression and bite when required from the brakes.
  • Steering vibration greatly reduced.
  • Best of all is the improvement to the front end – taught and supple in a way I didn’t know I was missing, way more keyed into the road.
I head off to Italy this week from my favourite drive to date…. a very happy man.
Thanks so much chaps for great service, advice, comms and skill, you are the real deal.
Have a great weekend & see you in the new year for the next hit list.
Tim – Tadworth, Surrey 20/09/13


I picked my car up today from Revolution after having quite a bit of work done to it. The car felt totally different from when I dropped it off just over 2 weeks ago and now sounds and feels like it should do. Russ was very helpful and very accommodating when I asked for extra bits to be done, it was never a problem.

I can see why people keep going back time after time. For me it was nearly a 5 hour round trip with the train there and drive back but well worth it. The station is only a couple of minutes walk away and Leeds is just over 30 mins on the train so very accessible.

Thanks a lot guys and I will be back next year.

Dave. – Tamworth, Staffs 13/08/13

Last week i fitted a cat back system which i bought off ebay,   on having some spare time decided to fit it.

First impression i thought looks cool n shiny and at stand still on revving car sounded sporty and nice…………. THEN

Then when driving what a noise !!!!  now i wanted sporty sound on outside which it delivered and at high rev’s sounded like a car not to be messed with but at cruising speed and speed limit traffic to work and back it droned and i mean drone !! mate said its ok but for me i like quiet and engine sound with that hint of sporty so it had to go !!!! and quick !

Now the original which i took off was usable but had started showing signs of splitting along seams and while trying to save fixings i broke some parts so was not a option of replacing back to how it was,  i was stuck with drone unless i drove round in 2nd or 3rd all the time to give me the rasp of exhuast needed something and quick, so next cpl days was looking for quick fix so to say and looking at replacing whole system with custom fitted or just custom made back box etc or 2nd hand original the latter i dismissed due to thinking id still prob need to replace later as keeping the car as long as i can,  So what to do ???  Called Russ @Revolution and explained problem, Also informed him of other parts id bought (Disc’s Pads & sensors ) and time was booked !!!

Today i got up early and made the 140 mile drive with radio loud to try and drown out drone and Thanks to Russ & the team Revolution my car now stops when it has to and sounds how it should and the drive home was beautiful radio off and sweet sound of my engine ticking away with the sound of a Dansk back box coming into action when hitting the peddle hard.

Big Thank you to Russ and his team of great guy’s  @ Revolution who put there expert hands and knowledge into my car.

A  job well done

Stevie – Cannock, Staffs 12/08/13 

A running thread from


You might have read my ‘Breakdown’ post. Thought it might be easier to start a new topic in that the diagnosis (cracked cyclinder liner or head) is taking me to a pretty grim set of choices I’d appreciate any advice out there.

It’s going to cost me £800 or so to have the engine taken out and stripped sufficiently to diagnose the exact problem – but the likelihood is a cracked cylinder liner.

The advice will then probably be to replace at least three of these liners (would seem silly just to replace the single offender when this is a known issue on my particular VIN range). Imagine what it would feel like if it happened again…

Alternatives: source a 3.2S replacement engine. Anyone got any advice on this? Where do you start?!

Or sell the car for spares and repairs, put it down to experience and move on.

Advice welcome…

The forum member made a few calls including one to Revolution Porsche and decided to have the car recovered from Truro in Cornwall to us in Brighouse, after a few days here was the result :-

Well, trailering it to Revolution has saved me a fortune.

The local garage misdiagnosed this horribly – turns out it was an airlock after all.

Coolant system has been bled, refilled and tested for a few days with no loss. Couple of other small jobs done whilst in Revolution’s care. (Including re-fitting the short shifter that had originally been put in upside down. It wasn’t me – honestly – but I’m embarrassed that I hadn’t noticed!)

And the post after the delighted member had collected his car :-

Got back at midnight after the 363-mile drive home from Revolution. Temperature guage didn’t flinch (even during some tailbacks on the M62) and zero coolant loss on checking this morning.

As well as bleeding and refilling the coolant system, they replaced a faulty cooling fan and a coolant pipe that was on its way out.

Impressive set-up at Revolution: super-keen pricing, great comms, personal service – brilliant. Well worth travelling to the other end of the country for.

So, car back on road; smile back on face.

Thanks everyone for the advice and support.

Geoff – Truro, Cornwall 09/08/13

The car was over with Russ and the team at Revolution this morning to replace the Manifolds and all 4 02 sensors. The results are in, 0 sheared bolts.  ZERO.  Can’t believe it!

Whist there is an element of luck involved, I have no doubt at all that the experience that Gareth and Scott bring makes a tangible difference.  I was in and out of the door within 90 minutes.  Top notch service, and can’t thank them enough. :worship: :worship: :worship:

 Car sounds much healthier now.  Purrrred all the way home.  The entire exhaust system from the manifold to the tailpipe is now new, and original.

Ian – Crewe, Cheshire 09/08/13

Hi all, today I spent the morning at Revolution Porsche with Russ,Scott and Gareth. What can I say that hasn’t already been witten ?.

Car was booked in at short notice for both rear tuning forks to be replaced (Scott diagnosed this at previous visit) and I called later to add nearside front control arm to be replaced as I noticed the rubber round the ball joint had split.

Arrived at 8:15am and Scott was already cleaning the workshop ready for another busy day I guess as the previous day was a another late one due to the reputation.

Scott and Gareth replaced the parts and took it for a test drive and every think was sorted.

On the drive home the car was much better to drive and noticeably alot quieter. :thumbsup_still:

I’m taking the car to them next month for minor service,replace all brake disc’s,rear handbrake shoes,brake fluid change,and rear pads.

I should mention I’ve owned the car for 4 years and used other specialist’s and the guys and Lisa at Revolution in my opinon offer the best customer service, experienced knowledge for diagnosing issues/problems,very competitive pricing and of course workmanship by fully qualified Porcshe technician’s . This is why I drove 242 miles round trip to them.

Thanks again see you soon….

Karl – Birmingham, West Midlands – 03/08/13

I’ve been a long time lurker but simply have to leave some feedback about Russ and Revolution Porsche.

After saying goodbye to my beloved 2.5 Boxster, I just had to scratch the 911 itch.

I blew my personal budget & picked up a facelift 996 carrera 4 cabriolet tiptronic. It was love at first sight for me and it seemed to have every option fitted, including an amazing Becker Cascade (which to my surprise does absolutely everything, while retaining that OEM look).

However I had one major issue….a limited budget and a list of items that needed attention, including a coolent leak.

Russ and the team spent quite some time checking the car, prioritising repairs (even finding items the OPC PPI missed). I left the car with him, raising my concerns about my tiny budget.

A few hours later, I catch up with Russ on the phone and he informs me that he’s called round to get a radiator at half the original cost, so my estimate won’t be so high!

Now I ask you, who does that!

I have now picked up the car & it feels absolutely sublime.

Even if you have to travel from the other end of the country, give Russ & Revolution Porsche a try, you won’t regret it.

Emran – Bradford, West Yorkshire 12/07/13

Hi Russ,

Thank you for looking after my car. The fuel economy was up to the 30s on the way back and the felt felt more powerful (not sure if that was physiological!) the biggest change was the tiptronic, it felt much more active, selecting gears to suit the driving conditions which it has never done since I have had it.

I really appreciated talking through the issues with your team and being able to have a proper look.

Thanks again and I will give you a call when it needs a service in the summer. Although I do keep thinking about the ceramic IMS bearing….

Best regards

David – Crewe – 20/02/13

Had the Boxster serviced and a few bits done thanks again Russ and Scott for the excellent professional service and good advice given. managed to get back home before the white stuff started falling.

As always friendly personal service from Scott and lovely hot coffee waiting for me on arrival cheers. Courtesy car waiting all cleaned and vacuumed, not a Porsche mind but it can still shift, hope them camera’s didn’t catch me.

Would Definitely recommend the guys to anyone looking for a good indie Porsche specialist very helpful and a very reasonable price its always reassuring to know your car is in good hands. And they lend you a fast car for the day

See you soon cheers

Paul – Oldham – 25/01/13

 Took the Boxster over to Russ at Revolution last week to have the oil air separator replaced and oil change. Was smoking like a pig.

Anyway just wanted to agree with what has been said many times before on this forum they offer a great service at a reasonable price and well worth the 80 mile drive.
Makes a nice change to get honest advice and not be ripped off. Many times people see you driving a Porsche and assume your minted and ripe for the picking. Thanks to Russ and all the lads for offering a great service to us poor Porsche owners who cannot afford OPC prices.

Nigel – Crewe – 17/01/13

Just had my Boxster S serviced and a few problems sorted out by the boys at Revolution. Good job well done. Shame all garages don’t operate like this.
Thanks and see you again. (not too soon i hope)

Rob – Manchester – 16/01/2013

Hi all, would just like to advise you all of the excellent service I have recently received from Russel and co at Revolution Porsche.
To condense a very long story, I took my car to Porsche Newcastle believing the car was suffering from the dreaded “piston slap”. Porsche Newcastle could not investigate the problem any further without taking the engine out!!!! (although they did do a service which is another issue to be resolved)

I spoke to Russell at Revolution and decided to transport the car from Newcastle to Leeds, within a day, it was diagnosed as a Tappet and potential camshaft issue. After giving the go ahead the problem (with the engine in) was confirmed and all the tappets and both camshafts needed replacing. Not the best news but better than a potential engine rebuild :-). The car now runs fantastic and its down to the good work from Russ and his crew.

I have a been dealing with Porsche Newcastle for over 10 years and after my recent encounters with them. I will never visit the place again and I am very prepared to travel because I am confident that I will receive a far higher level of care from.

Anthony – Tyne and Wear – 08/01/2013

 Great support and advice from Gareth today on the phone re a hood problem I have ( see Technical section ). What other garage would go out of their way and on a Sunday to help somebody and knowing that I am too far away to use them for any work.

A big Thank You to Russ and his team, I can see why so many people recommend you.

Andy – Bishops Stortford – 06/01/2013

Hi all

Just thought I’d add some pictures of the great job Russ and the chaps at Revolution did on my car…. given the great praise on this site, i thought I’d make a voyage up t’north (Southend to Brighouse!) – it was well worth it.

My wife (amongst many) thought I was crazy to take a car over 230m north for a service, until I explained the quote I’d received from the East Sussex specialist where I bought the car… all of a sudden, a return train journey and a tank of fuel looked like a bargain

Work completed:

  • minor service and full detail including hood
  • spark plugs
  • Brake fluid
  • MOT
  • front pads and discs
  • front springs
  • new horn
  • Exhaust clamps
  • Refurbish the wheels incl new centre caps

To be honest, it wasn’t cheap, but the car is now in fine fettle for the next 2 years, and looked absolutely great when I picked it up – not bad for a 77k miles motor…

Andy – Southend – 18/12/2012

Collected my Boxster today after leaving it at Revolution for a minor service and detail package plus new brakes all round and I have nothing but praise for the whole outfit. I was first made aware of them via the forum and from the timely and professional reply I received to my initial email I immediately had a good feeling about them and decided it was worth making a 200 mile round trip to ‘give them a try’ and I am very glad I did! Although I thought the car was in reasonable fettle (apart from heavily corroded inner faces on the brakes) I was still a bit worried about what additional work them may ‘find’ but I was almost relieved to be told they had found a cracked coil pack as I knew the car is a bit hesitant/ jerky for a minute or so when stone cold so suspected a coil pack or something was amiss, and agree with their only other observation that the gear change is quite stiff, especially when the car is cold, but was given a ‘worst case’ price for this and out under no pressure whatsoever to have the work done (I decided just to see if it gets any worse for the time being).

Even though I don’t do many miles I’m still tempted by their recently launched warranty, but I will definitely contact them again the next time my car needs anything else doing to it.

Keep up the good work!

David – Hartlepool – 15/12/2012

Having bought my C2 from a respected London dealer I took it to Russ for an inspection prior to signing up to the maintenance plan.
Gareth & Scott quickly spotted the faults the dealer had missed when carrying out a major service ( brake discs & pads, coil packs, coffin arms, tuning arms, faulty headlight switch, track rod ends,RMS,leaking oil breather pipe,gaping hole in the underbody tray, exhaust bolts and clamps and a few other minor things easily overlooked at a major service )

I got all the work done quickly and IMO at a very competitive price, I also had an oil change and brake fluid change for peace of mind just in case the dealer had missed these too ( my choice it was not suggested )

I now have complete peace of mind, way I see it I’ve got BUPA for my car, when you do the maths you are looking at about £500 – £600 above normal servicing costs for the most comprehensive non excluding maintenance plan there is. I know if there is an issue I won’t be arguing the t*ss about small print,it will be done without question, no excuses no bullsh1t.

I don’t want to put anyone off with the list of faults found on my car, I got stung and clearly I’m having a dig at wide boy the dealer but when I took the car to Russ I wanted to know exactly what if anything was wrong and his inspection was extremely thorough which is what I wanted. I now have everything sorted and the car drives a dream,

The service from Russ is faultless with follow up courtesy calls to ensure I was happy with the car, he is very responsive to emails and as far as I can tell he eats and sleeps Porsche.

I’d say a 200 mile radius is about right, service costs are extremely competitive ( I pay more to service my BMW ) I can’t say enough good things about him and his team.
Even if you don’t want to sign up to the plan, go and meet him and the boys, talk through any concerns you have and know your car is in safe hands.

Keith – Lincolnshire – 21/11/2012

Great service again from Russ, Scott, Gareth and Joe this week. I combined some meetings up north and took my 911 the 500 mile round trip to have a full service, fluids changed, new air con condensers and drop links fitted.

All was done without any problems with good service and pricing as usual.

Anyone within 200 miles really should be on their maintenance plan. I had a good look at it and if I was closer its a no brainer!!

Jon – Poole – 18/11/2012

Took the Box’ to Revolution at Brighouse yesterday for a major service, brake fluid change and MOT.
Arrived nice and early. Had a full breakfast at the railway cafe across the road (very handy) and went round to the British Car Auction site about 10 minutes walk away. Whiled away the time at the auction site (it’s on every Thursday) then got a call from Russell at 11:30 to say the motor was ready.
Thanks to Scott and Russell for their excellent service (and price) as always.

Malcolm – Liverpool – 21/09/2012

Just wanted to provide you with my experience this week of Russ, Gareth, Scott and the rest of the crowd at Revolution.

Having seen the great feedback on these guys and also the way they helped another forum member stranded abroad, I was impressed by the care and profesionalism of the team. When Russ put an offer of discounting work in September, I thought it was definitely worth driving my car the 170 miles up to see these guys and experience their work first hand. I’m glad to report that I am happy that I did.

On Monday of this week I drove up to see them, the whole team made me feel welcome and were happy to spend time showing me around and answering any questions I had, nothing was too much trouble. My car was worked on all of the day and all was as promised. Based on that experience, I booked myself in for some additional items in 2 weeks time, which I had originally decided to put off until next year.

However, Tuesday evening, I experienced a minor problem with the gearbox and had a few questions and concerns, Russ and Gareth were online until 11pm providing support and advice to ensure that I was happy and even changed my scheduled return to this Friday, without any fuss or hesitiation in order to help me out and rectify the issue.

Having just returned, the work was carried out without hassle and it was never any trouble for the guys to reach a fix.

To all at Revoluton, congratulations on exceptional customer service, honesty and friendliness, please continue to focus on these and they will bring you success. These qualities are regrettably missing in many parts of our society today and I’m thankful that it’s available by the bucket load in Yorkshire. I for one will be travelling the 170 miles again for my next service or until I can convince them to open up a branch further south.

Thanks again

Tony – Watford – 07/09/2012

This is to say very special thank you to Russ,Scott and the rest of the team at Revolution Porsche. My 997 Turbo, since you had it last week and have worked your magic, drives like dream and smooth as a baby’s bum. Highly recommended it and definitely worth the 200 miles journey for your excellent knowledge and customer service.
997 turbo

Mr Shah – Luton – 09/05/2012

Russ, a big thankyou for arranging for my car to be detailed. It looks amazing, I’ve always known detailing was a must for all supercars but it’s not until it’s done on your own car that you can fully appreciate just how good a car can look, you’d never have guessed my paint work is over 10 years old, it looks better than the day it left the factory. Id gladly recommend Revolution Porsche as a great and friendly place to have the car pampered, the price was great and as usual the level of service top notch.

Johnny – 22/02/2012

I’m not an advocate of FaceBook nor blowing smoke up a-holes but I feel compelled to post a comment on the Revolution Porsche wall given my first experience of the new outfit yesterday. I took my C4S in with suspected radiator malfunction (usual script given the level of exposure at the front….) and from the outset knew I’d made the right decision to steer clear of Leeds Porsche (JCT). I’ve grown cynical in my old age but genuinely walked (or drove…) away yesterday with an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. I can’t recommend these guys enough. Rather than ramble on, I’ve summarised what I think differentiates Revolution Porsche:

• Expertise – Scott and Gareth: are there any Porsche issues that these two can’t resolve? I genuinely don’t believe so. They’re lifers and their depth and breadth of knowledge is second to none. They are the “Torvill and Dean” of the independent Porsche community (Scott is taller so he gets to be Dean, sorry Gareth).
• Understanding – you’re able to converse with each Technician on your specific problem(s) and develop an understanding of what’s gone wrong and the resolution options
• Integrity – they proactively offer safe & viable workarounds to save you money; this is unheard of at dealerships given their need to pay massive overheads. I left with a new coolant header tank cap and a £85 bill as opposed to the initial quote of £900 for a complete radiator replacement. JCT would have no doubt replaced the lot irrespective and hit me with a bill nearing 2k.
• Customer Service – transparent and honest leadership from Russ with a genuine desire to leave you feeling 100% satisfied
• Competitive – the labour rate is exceptionally competitive particularly when you appreciate the level of expertise

Porsche owners and enthusiasts – get involved! I absolutely guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. The journey has just begun for Revolution Porsche, watch this space…..
• Expertise – Scott and Gareth: are there any Porsche issues that these two can’t resolve? I genuinely don’t believe so. They’re lifers and their depth and breadth of knowledge is second to none. They are the “Torvill and Dean” of the independent Porsche community (Scott is taller so he gets to be Dean, sorry Gareth).
• Understanding – you’re able to converse with each Technician on your specific problem(s) and develop an understanding of what’s gone wrong and the resolution options
• Integrity – they proactively offer safe & viable workarounds to save you money; this is unheard of at dealerships given their need to pay massive overheads. I left with a new coolant header tank cap and a £85 bill as opposed to the initial quote of £900 for a complete radiator replacement. JCT would have no doubt replaced the lot irrespective and hit me with a bill nearing 2k.
• Customer Service – transparent and honest leadership from Russ with a genuine desire to leave you feeling 100% satisfied
• Competitive – the labour rate is exceptionally competitive particularly when you appreciate the level of expertise
Porsche owners and enthusiasts – get involved! I absolutely guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. The journey has just begun for Revolution Porsche, watch this space…..

Adam 16/02/12

Another big thanks to Russ, Scott and Joe at Revolution!
Went over today and was made to feel very welcome. The guys are always really friendly and keep you involved and informed about the work they are doing. This is something that doesn’t always happen, some places you go you feel distanced and have no idea what they are doing to your pride and joy! This place is different and I will continue to go the two hour round trip for anything else I need.

Had the brake pads and fluid changed in less than 2 hours (with some very nice BoXa discount – thanks again guys!).

They also had a look at another little problem on the car without any extra cost. Great service all round.

Joe. – 15/02/12
98′ Boxster 2.5 Arctic silver

Location:Peterborough and Richmond London

Just to add my thanks for his help recently when I was looking at a car up there. Spoke on the phone and then he texted me later that evening to see how things had gone. The deal fell through, but very impressed with the excellent customer service


Thanks Russ for the swift & friendly service.
It was great to see you guys and the new set-up, it’s like a big kids playground, awesome (But Highly Professional Of Course) .
1st Class service as always by everyone and Scott is a pleasure to talk to about anything technical.
Will be back in March to get the other couple of items fited by you without doubt.
Thanks Again & have a great week.

Gary – 24/01/12

Revolution Porsche – TOP JOB!
Cheers Russ and the team
Great job and excellent service today from Revolution-Porsche. Thanks for giving the car a once over and pointing out a couple of minor jobs that will require attention.
Nothing major thankfully and gave me peace of mind knowing the car is sound. Thanks to Scott for the friendly service and pointing out the couple of jobs that will need doing.
Would definitely recommend to anyone requiring any work doing they know their stuff and at a reasonable price.
Thanks again

Paul – 23/01/12

Picked up my car from Revolution Porsche yesterday (Sunday) by arrangement with Russell after having the Cruise and Computer retrofit . Scott also fitted a new RMS, changed the oil, filter, plugs and fitted 2 new O2 sensors. All for a little over what another indi garage wanted for just a RMS fit. I reckon that if Russ and the boys could offer B & B as well they’d get 100% of the UK business. Cheers guys, well pleased.

Malcolm – 23/01/12
Based on some of the posts on the forum, I got in touch with Russ a few days ago as I wanted a pre purchase inspection on a private sale.

Russ couldn’t have been more helpful, accommodating and supportive.
I’m not mechanically minded and found it refreshing to have someone willing to spend time talking everything through and providing the reassurance I hoped for, from someone I felt i could trust.

I would also like to thank Scott for doing the inspection this evening.

Mary – 07/12/11

Hi Russell,

The finish on the GT3 is beyond stunning, absolutely delighted, the paint is so much better than the day I collected it from JCT600 !… Please tell Tony that it is rare to find someone who clearly is a perfectionist which from one to another is as good as it gets!

Sorry I don’t have any service or repair for work you at the moment as sadly the GT3, Boxster and 968 were serviced elsewhere earlier this year prior to your opening, though it goes without saying they are yours as and when they need any work. My colleague Paul will be bringing his Boxster to you and will fix this up next week, show him the GT3 and no doubt he will want it detailing as well as servicing.

On the detailing, my list for Tony follows with my E Type which should be back together in the next 10 days so can come down to you, and also the old Merc SEC which would benefit from it and then we can look at the current E Types in build.

All the Best

Richard – 26/11/11

Would just like to thank Scott, Russ and Gareth for a truly fantastic service I experienced the other day.
The car had among other things a gear box fluid change – drain and fill gearbox oil – replace filter and gasket (tiptronic).
This was my second visit as I was so impressed previously with Scott’s meticulous workmanship and attention to detail. He also fitted 6 ignition coils which I had brought and hadn’t got round to fitting them free of charge. Customer service or what?
I decided to have the fluid changed as I had no idea when or in fact if it had been done previously. The car ran fine and had no other reason for this work. After Scott had carried out the work the shifts were hardly noticeable very smooth, in fact the change in engine noise was the only indication.
So to sum it up if you would like Porsche Approved Technicians to carry out tasks on your car at very competitive prices and enjoy honesty and the best customer service around I would highly recommend Revolution Porsche Specialists.
Cheers guys…

Karl – 22/11/11

Wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for the recent work to
replace the timing chain seals and gaskets as well as undertaking the winter

Yet again, the work Scott has undertaken is second to non. Great service as
always and I always feel the work is undertaken by enthusiasts who happen to
be also Porsche trained.

Thank you I will be back and will be recommending you guys to my friends

Richard – 15/11/11

A Big Thank You,
To Scott & Russ for the great service today.
Very professional, friendly and informative, —- and a good price!

Thanks again and good luck for the future.


Yet another superb piece of customer service from revolution. I was in uxbridge today just about to set off on the home journey and the low oil warning came on – one call to revolution and they talked me through the oil check process, buying the correct oil, putting in the oil all after hours! How many garages would help you do that at 6pm? Spot on guys can’t thank you enough I’m not super technical and you never make me feel inferior or stupid!! Come on the revolution!!!


Two days ago on Saturday evening, I took my car to fuel up for the coming week.
On the way to the garage it suddenly sounded different, I could hear a whine as I went up the revs and a definite small knocking on the overrun.
Never done this before and I am very mechanically sympathetic, so knew this to be a new noise.
Could hear it much clearer on getting out of the car.
Got it home and rang Russell at Revolution, this at 5.30pm on a Saturday!
He got Gareth to ring me back 10 mins later and he had a listen over the phone.
Gareth talked me through getting the belt off so I could spin all the pulleys and tensioners to see if it gave a clue.
Only noise was from the alternator.
I put the belt back on , wrongly it turned out!
Gave Russell a ring back, 6.30 and he said he would meet me at the garage on Sunday to drop my car off and he could loan me a courtesy car.!
Good as his word, met up Sunday, dropped mine off and set off home in the loan car.
They have today replaced the alternator after confirming the original diagnosis and I now have my car back as good as new.
Made up with the service from Russell, Gareth and Scott at Revolution, above and beyond the call of duty as far as I am concerned.

Can’t recommend them enough.
Thanks Russ and co.


Had all my brakes done and bonnet aligned at Revolution Porsche by Russ and the team, they did an absolutely fantastic job.

The brakes have made such a difference it feels like a completely different car, love it! The bonnet now looks perfect, it has been annoying me for ages!!

Thanks for going out of your way to fit me in before I went on my day trip, will definately be returning!

Good luck guys!!


Fantastic job by Revolution Porsche – highly recommended
Just had a major service at Revolution Porsche. Thanks to the guys (Russ and Scott) for there excellent customer service and taking the time to answer all my questions and concerns. The trip was a 261 mile round trip and I wasn’t disappointed and will definitely be using them again.