New wheel alignment equipment helps fine tune your Porsche’s handling


In line with our commitment to invest in the best diagnostic tools, Revolution Porsche are now even better equipped to identify and fix problems with handling and excessive tyre wear. We’ve just taken delivery of a new hi-tech wheel alignment system at our workshop in Birstall.

The John Bean Visualiner 3D Lite is one of the most accurate four-wheel alignment systems on the market, which will help us to achieve the best results for your Porsche…..

Designed for use with wheels from 11” to 22”, the system uses patented 3D imaging technology to give the most detailed readings possible and will allow us to make precise adjustments.

Improve your Porsche
Improve your Porsche's handling with four wheel alignment.

So, how does this help you?

Having the wheel alignment checked and corrected may not sound like an upgrade, but it can make a noticeable difference to the feel of the car.

Hitting a kerb, taking a speed bump a little too fast or encountering one of the all too common potholes that litter Yorkshire’s roads can be enough to knock the wheels of your Porsche out of alignment, affecting the handling and in some cases leading to the car pulling left or right.

Incorrect alignment also causes excessive tyre wear (and we all know how much N-rated tyres cost to replace), and adversely affect fuel consumption.

Having your Porsche’s wheels aligned can be a simple way to improve handling, safety and tyre life, and our new equipment means we can now do the job to the highest possible standard.

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